PN:Super Mario Sunshine

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todo: SMS has bms info printing functionality:

made a gecko code to reenable the printf functionality in bms for sms
$Enable printf in BMS (US) [Yoshi2]
C2320BFC 00000007
38610034 88810030
88A10031 88C10032
88E10033 7F4902A6
3C008034 60004644
7C0903A6 4CC63182
4E800421 7F4903A6
BB4100B8 60000000
source code:
# insert branch to code at 80320BFC

addi r3, r1, 0x34  # pointer to string on the stack
# args 1-4 to be formatted into the string
lbz       r4, 0x30(r1)
lbz       r5, 0x31(r1)
lbz       r6, 0x32(r1)
lbz       r7, 0x33(r1)

mfctr r26 # back up ctr

# Set up address to OSReport
lis r0, 0x8034
ori r0, r0, 0x4644
mtctr r0 
crclr 6
bctrl # call osreport
mtctr r26 # restore ctr

# Restore registers
lmw       r26, 0xB8(r1)

^ from Yoshi2 of "The Sunshine Hut" discord channel